What does it really take to do this job?


Being a photographer has taken me to places I could not believe, and allowed me to meet people I could not imagine.

While wielding a camera I have...

  • hung out of a doorless helicopter. Three times.
  • been complimented by Senator Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi about my Cole Haan shoes.
  • jumped onstage after a Donald Trump speaking event, and didn't get taken out by secret service.
  • been pooped on by the real live Kennesaw State Owl.
  • been given a bro hug by Joel Smallbone.
  • accidentally sipped the coffee of a rookie Nascar Driver.
  • held the hand of a widowed Army wife.
  • met the current white house staff photographer Shealah Craighead, on accident.
  • stood on top of wobbling 50 foot scissor lifts.
  • gotten flipped off the back of a jet ski with a go pro in hand.
  • hiked over 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail.
  • and seen hundreds of people unite over devastating natural catastrophe.

Not every photographer is the same. I am unique, and come with some great strengths:

  • I work best knowing as much specific information beforehand as possible. If I know what kind of print or digital piece my images are being used in, or what story and message is being conveyed, I can create imagery that you'll love and will work much better for your team.
  • I love people and making them feel comfortable with a lens. I also love being discreet and undetectable. 
  • Photojournalism is one of my major strengths. 
  • I take an interest in my co-workers and love being a morale-booster. If I see you 8 hours a day, we should also being enjoying the work and company we keep.
  • Hiring a photographer is hiring someone with a specific viewpoint. We all capture scenes, messages, and visual stories so differently and having a consistent photographer on your team that gets your vision....is essential.

One day I hope to photograph and experience so much more. I can't wait to...

  • Photograph a documentary that gets shown in a gallery.
  • Bring someone else's dream to life by photographing something special to them.
  • Photograph an olympic games.
  • Photograph and event for Getty or AP.
  • Photograph the construction and completion of a fresh water well that gives a community the chance for education, safety, and long life.
  • See cancer cured in my lifetime.